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The Najell pre-tied baby wrap is so simple to put on with no need to 'tie', 'wrap', 'buckle' or 'strap'. You simply put it on like a t-shirt and pop baby in. It has the simplicity of a baby carrier with the softness of a wrap. 

The soft and stretchy jersey fabric makes this the perfect baby sling for a newborn and it is so quick and easy to put on; you'll be wearing it for every occassion!


Carrying your child during the first months helps create and strengthen the bond between the parents and their child.  The Najell pre-tied wrap can be used from newborn up to one year old or 9 kg.


You can also use the Najell wrap for skin to skin contact time.  It has been thoughtfully designed with material covering the back so you can go naked underneath and not feel exposed. 


This pre-tied wrap saves you the time, stress and hassel of trying to get to grips with a conventional wrap that needs endless tying and wrapping whilst your baby is crying and waiting to be cuddled.  


With the Najell pre-tied wrap you get the close, cosy feeling of carrying your baby in a wrap, without all the hassel to put it on. It's perfect for being at home or on the move. With two free hands, you can read a book, run an errand, breastfeed or go for a walk with your baby.


  • Pre-tied wrap – easy to put on like a t-shirt

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 fabrics, that are safe for your baby

  • From newborn up to 1 year old or 9kg

  • Skin to skin – wrap fabric covers the whole back so you can carry skin to skin without showing a naked back

  • Soft fabrics for you and your baby

  • Easy to use for breastfeeding

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