OSFM - One-Size-Fits-Most. Suitable for weight ranges between 4kg (8.8lb) up to 18kg (39.6lb).

Reusable and washable bamboo pad which is snapped directly on to the lining of the shell (and beneath the insert) to add an extra layer of absorbency for heavy wetters, naps or overnight use.

Consisting of four layers of super thirsty fabric, this is an extremely efficient pad providing added protection.  In fact bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton alone.  

Due to the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo, these bamboo booster pads will help keep your baby's bottom cleaner, fresher and more comfortable for longer.  


These super soft bamboo pads are far more delicate on your baby's skin than synthetic materials or disposable nappies and will help to reduce skin irritation and nappy rash.  Bamboo is a natural, breathable fibre with hypoallergenic properties, which is gentle on delicate skin and will keep your baby feeling fresher for longer.  


Contoured to provide a snug fit around baby’s inner thighs and to minimize bulk between thighs.

One-sized inserts create less complication and confusion, and result in more financial savings for parents. Babies grow at rapid rates, so having a pad that is able to provide protection from around 4-5kg through to toilet training years is important.

Used as part of our Bamboo Cloth Nappy range, these bamboo booster pads provide significant long term cost savings over buying disposables, as well as helping to reduce non-biodegradable landfill waste and support your modern parenting journey!

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