OSFM - One-Size-Fits-Most. Suitable for weight ranges between 4kg (8.8lb) up to 18kg (39.6lb).


Introducing our new partnership with Bare & Boho in Australia, we are now able to offer you the most premium range of eco-friendly bamboo designer cloth nappies to support your modern parenting journey!


We have teamed up to bring you the most beautifully designed, incredibly soft bamboo cloth nappies, which provide you significant long term cost savings over buying disposables, as well as helping to reduce non-biodegradable landfill waste.  


With bamboo quite literally at the core of these nappies, your baby's bottom will stay cleaner and drier for longer due to the high absorbency properties of bamboo and the natural antibacterial properties will help to keep your baby clean and comfortable.  


These super soft bamboo nappies are far more delicate on your baby's skin than conventional plastic disposable nappies and will help to reduce skin irritation and nappy rash.  Bamboo is a natural, breathable fibre with hypoallergenic properties, which is gentle on delicate skin and will keep your baby feeling fresher for longer.  


Featuring high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique commissioned artworks, the unique cloth nappy system offers ease of use and simplicity, without compromising on efficiency and convenience.


The journey of discovery and the desire to continue learning is a responsibility we hold as caretakers of future generations. So may we rise, with the challenge in mind, to better our own understanding of the world around us, to be kinder, to live more compassionately, and to love more openly, for the sake of our children and the earth - of which one day they will inherit.


What's included in your nappy bundle?

Each nappy bundle includes:

1 x Shell (the outside part with the pretty design)

1 x Bamboo Insert (sits inside the nappy to provide every day comfort and protection)

1 x Bamboo Booster (exra absorbent padded liner for use at nights or when baby needs an extra layer of absorbency). Consisting of four layers of super thirsty fabric, this is an extremely efficient pad providing added protection. Contoured to provide a snug fit around baby’s inner thighs and to minimize bulk between thighs.


New and improved V2 cloth nappy features:

  • A more trim fitting design, featuring a more slender groin width than our V1. Also features reinforced front paneling for a more secure flex, and more waist snap options.

  • Overall the V2 is a more versatile nappy with an easier to manage fit for your little one.

  • V2 Boosters are designed to sit on top of inserts rather than snap underneath. This allows for booster to be folded if needed to create extra padding in either front or back. Another versatile function and improvement.

  • Designer modern cloth nappies for the minimalist!

  • The ultimate "snap-in-snap-out" nappy system, featuring Australia's own original reusable and wipeable shell.

  • Our nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Thoughtfully designed in Australia & ethically created featuring custom elements and signature hand-painted and commissioned artworks.

  • Our innovative design features of the shell, offer the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using our nappies on-the-go, so efficient!

  • Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been more simple.  Our absorbent inserts and boosters simply snap or lay into the lining of the shell.  Perfect for any parent who is new to cloth, as well as grandparents, daycares, and friends who may be responsible for changing your little one!  


We currently offer the bamboo Cloth Nappy in 3 different designs: Gum, Rosella and Wattle  

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 21.11.14.png

OSFM (One-size-fits-most):


Approximately 4kg to 18kg (birth to toddler) depending on the shape of your little one. 

The cloth nappy is completely customisable regarding size, shape and absorbency, based on the specific needs of your little one.

Cloth Nappy Sizes

Our system involves 4 separate pieces: 

1. Outer water-resistant shell
2. Bamboo-Cotton Insert: 4x Layers of Organic Fleece + Double Layer Side Gussets 
3. Booster Pad: 4x Layers of Premium Bamboo-cotton fabric contoured to provide optimal fit. 
4. Tri-fold Pad: 3x Layers of Premium Bamboo-Cotton fabric which folds thrice to create 9 thirsty layers.

Cloth Nappy Components
Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 17.14.32.png
Screenshot 2020-01-19 at 12.29.37.png

Involves two options to allow for custom shaping and fit:  
1. Groin Snap-Rise System: 4x size settings allowing parents to customise to a longer/shorter nappy and to provide a custom fit around thighs.  (These snaps are situated in the lower section of the front of the nappy shell.)  
2. Waist-Size System: Double row of snaps situated at the top of the front of the nappy shell, to allow for a personalised fit to a baby's waist size. Overlapping closure feature also available.  

If your little one shows deep red indentations on legs that do not go away quickly  
If your little one shows deep red indentations at the top of the thighs from the wings  
If the front of the nappy is being pulled down and gapes  
If nappy is saggy, then go with a smaller snap rise  

Have a couple of shells snapped on different rises so you can try on rotation which fits best, then change all to match that one.  
Once snap-rise is changed, you may need to also change waist snap sizing  
Ensure the back of the nappy is 1-2cm above the top of baby's bottom crack to ensure the fit is suitable  
Ensure to check if there are leg gaps  
Don't worry if your chunky baby may already be on the largest size, as generally they slim down once they begin walking