OSFM - One-Size-Fits-Most. Suitable for weight ranges between 4kg (8.8lb) up to 18kg (39.6lb).


Reusable and washable bamboo and cotton blend cloth inserts for your cloth nappies.  These inserts are designed to snap in to the lining of our OSFM Nappy Shells, making for an easy and simple system.

One-sized inserts create less complication and confusion, and result in more financial savings for parents. Babies grow at rapid rates, so having an insert that is able to provide protection from around 4-5kg through to toilet training years is important.

These premium eco-friendly bamboo cotton blend inserts are highly absorbent, in fact bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton alone. 

Due to the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo, these bamboo cotton inserts will help keep your baby's bottom cleaner, fresher and more comfortable for longer.  


These super soft bamboo nappies are far more delicate on your baby's skin than conventional plastic disposable nappies and will help to reduce skin irritation and nappy rash.  Bamboo is a natural, breathable fibre with hypoallergenic properties, which is gentle on delicate skin and will keep your baby feeling fresher for longer.  

We have teamed up with Bare and Boho to bring you the most beautifully designed, incredibly soft bamboo cloth nappies, which provide you significant long term cost savings over buying disposables, as well as helping to reduce non-biodegradable landfill waste. Check out our range of designs here.

The one-sized insert will naturally appear bulkier on a newborn than a toddler, however they will grow into the bulk rapidly, and it means parents do not need to monitor the sizing differences and worry about purchasing more inserts as their baby grows.


Featuring high-end fabrics, organic materials and unique commissioned artworks, the unique cloth nappy system offers ease of use and simplicity, without compromising on efficiency and convenience.