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Q: Why are products made from bamboo so good for our baby?

A: Babies have very delicate skin and respiratory systems.  Our bamboo is grown organically, without fertilisers or pesticides, making it a natural and safe choice for your baby.  Our bamboo furniture is kept as natural as possible by using natural adhesives and a linseed oil and palm wax varnish.  We never paint any of our furniture which eliminates the risk of introducing any nasty chemicals; this allows you and your baby to breathe easy in their nursery surroundings.  


Bamboo is hypoallergenic, which means it is kind to our skin and will rarely cause any allergic reactions, even to the most sensitive skin, making it a great choice for our little ones.  Fabrics made from bamboo naturally regulate body temperature, making them suitable for both winter and summer climates.  They are also breathable, making them a safe alternative fabric choice. Bamboo fabrics control moisture levels on the skin, this helps to control the development of bacteria, which would normally thrive in moist conditions, thus reducing the risk of rashes and skin infections. 


Q: To which safety standards do you adhere? 

A: Our Bamboo Cot Bed S1 is tested to British safety standards: EN 716-1,2:2017, BS 8509:2008+A1:2011 and comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty.  The British safety standards we adhere to are among the highest in the world.

Q: If we use bamboo will it use up the Panda’s source of food?

A: Thankfully there are over 1,300 species of bamboo and the Panda eats only 42 of those species.  The Bamboo Baby Company uses a specific type of bamboo, which is ideal for making furniture and fabrics, but one which is not eaten by Pandas. 

Q:  Is all bamboo grown organically? 

A: At The Bamboo Baby Company we always ensure that we only ever source organically grown bamboo.  Unfortunately this is not the case for all bamboo products on the market, therefore it is always important to check and buy from a reliable company. When you purchase from The Bamboo Baby Company you will always have peace of mind that all our products only ever use organically grown bamboo. 

Q: What is meant by organic?

A: Organic means that something is grown or produced without the use of chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. 

Q: What varnish is used on the bamboo furniture? 

A:  The Bamboo Baby Company is all about providing natural, organic products for your baby.  We use a 100% organic varnish, comprising of linseed oil and palm wax.  We keep all our bamboo furniture free from paint to eliminate the risk of introducing nasty chemicals that can affect your baby’s skin, eyes and respiratory systems.  By using natural, organic materials we are also helping to preserve the environment, allowing us all to breathe easy and sleep better. 


Q: Where are our bamboo products manufactured?

A: Bamboo is predominantly grown in China and our manufacturers there have years of experience and expertise in how to work with bamboo and create the beautiful products we are able to share with you today.  Manufacturing our products in China also means we are able to use the bamboo as soon as it has been cut, which ensures our bamboo is in the best possible condition for manufacturing.  We take pride in working incredibly closely with our manufacturers to test and develop each of our products and to ensure they are of the highest quality for you and your family. 

Q: What is the difference between 'bamboo' and 'bamboo viscose'?

A: 'Bamboo' describes bamboo in it's raw, solid form whereas the term 'bamboo viscose' is used to describe bamboo textile products which are the result of the raw bamboo being chopped into small pieces, soaked to create a pulp and then ground and spun into fibres. 

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