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It's my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) this week so we walk you through the process, why it can be necessary for some expectant Mums and what not to do!  Find out what super food liquid shot has helped to significantly ease the intense lower back pain I was experiencing as well as the best natural remedy for my cold this week.   

2020-02-28 - The Bamboo Baby Company - PThe Bamboo Baby Company
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This week we discuss Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), what can cause it and what it can mean for you, your baby and your pregnancy. We talk openly about our experience of IUGR and how it may impact our 2nd pregnancy right now. Sacroiliac (low back) pain has been uncomfortable for me this week so we explore the cause and why it is so common in pregnancy.  

Intrauterine Growth RestrictionThe Bamboo Baby Company
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It's a boy!! This week we air our candid discussion on finding out the gender of baby no.2 and how we felt.  We also talk about miscarriage and why we have approached our 2nd pregnancy with more caution than our first pregnancy.  

20 Week Scan Gender RevealThe Bamboo Baby Company
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Happy new year everyone! It's been a tiring couple of weeks over the holiday period, so we discuss iron levels and what symptoms to look out for which may indicate an iron deficiency in pregnancy.  We also touch on dreams and nightmares which cause toddler sleep disturbances as we experience some tough nights of sleep in the Savage household!  

Iron Deficiency in PregnancyThe Bamboo Baby Company
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This week we discuss the challenges of sleep regressions in babies and toddlers and look at tips for how to get through them.  Sleep regressions are common throughout key growth and development stages, but can be particularly challenging for parent's sleep too, especially if you are pregnant and experiencing your own sleep challenges.  Join us on the journey to try and battle through the eye bags and make it thorough the day without nodding off! 

Sleep Regression in Toddlers and Babies - Tips for getting through them. The Bamboo Baby Company
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This week we have an eye on health as we discuss what to look for with Bronchiolitis, which is a very common respiratory virus affecting 0-2 year olds, particularly those under 6 months.  We also talk about our favourite festive food indulgences and find out who can't keep the lid on the Quality Street!  

Bronchiolitis in Babies and ToddlersThe Bamboo Baby Company
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This week we are adding some festive cheer, sharing the results of our latest blood tests and remembering our 1st pregnancy when we travelled to China and I became very ill.  We also discuss the flu jab and why our China experience made me have it with pregnancy number 2!   

1st Trimester Drama in China and Why I got the Flu JabThe Bamboo Baby Company
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Welcome to the first Bump & Baby Podcast.  We have some big news to share with you to start it all off!

The Big Announcement.mp3The Bamboo Baby Company
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