Bringing baby home: Tips for the first week with your newborn

First time parents bringing their newborn home for the first time.
Bringing Your Newborn Home

The eagerly anticipated wait for your baby’s arrival is finally over and it’s time to take your bundle of joy home. What will be the happiest time of your life, will also be very overwhelming.

Taking your baby out of the hospital and into the real world is exciting but there is a lot to think about and with a to-do list as long as your arm, sometimes new mums need that little reminder, to breathe and simply absorb the chaos. Before we know it, our tiny babies won’t be so little anymore and they will be growing up right before us.

In the meantime, motherhood awaits and here are some top tips for the first week of being at home with your new baby.


Newborn leaving hospital for the first time
Taking Your Baby Home from the Hospital

When the midwives have signed you both off and you are ready to walk through those hospital doors into the big wide world, your newborn will need to be ready and snug. It can be easy to get carried away planning their going home outfit, but with so much to think about it's best to avoid all the frills and keep it practical, simple and most importantly warm. Natural, organic fabrics are best as they are delicate on your baby's newborn skin and are breathable, so your baby won't overheat. So for that going home outfit (and for the first few weeks)…

• Start with an all-in-one vest over your baby’s nappy (short or long sleeved, depending on the weather).

• Layer with a soft sleep suit with feet to keep their little toes warm and snug.

• Opt for a natural fabric cardigan to go over the top (cotton or wool).

• Finish with a newborn hat and scratch mittens.

• Wrap a bamboo blanket over the top to keep cosy and help regulate body temperature.


Planning the journey home with your newborn in the car
Planning the journey home

Undoubtedly you will have spent a lot of your spare time during pregnancy researching car seats before finally deciding on the one. Something you may want to consider, before baby arrives, is practicing the strapping-in function with a teddy.

With every baby-related gadget, furniture, and product, you want to ensure you are completely happy with the functions and how it all works to avoid any stress when your baby arrives.

When the time finally comes for you to put your baby in the car for their very first drive home, you will know exactly what to do. You might find you are a little nervous but your chosen chauffeur will be extra careful and you can hold their little hand the whole way.


Visitors when you have a newborn
Visitors when you have a newborn

It is completely normal for friends and family to want to put a date in the diary as soon as possible to come over and visit you and your new baby but if you are not up to it, it’s ok to put it off until you are 100% ready.

While you thought you would jump at the chance of showing off your newborn, you might find that actually, you could do with a few more days. If you want to say no, or you want to put it off, don’t feel guilty.

These are some of the most precious days of your life, soak it in, friends and family will wait!

Once you do feel up to it, spread the visits out so it’s not all at once and you can keep things manageable while you and baby are getting used to your new routine. Having a support network is a great thing and can bring lots of comfort without you even realising it!


Feeding routines with your newborn
Feeding routines with your newborn

Feeding can be one of the biggest challenges when you go home with your baby. You may receive feeding support at the hospital so being at home with your baby without that immediate help in the next room can be a little daunting.

Whether you have chosen breast or bottle, it’s important to remember that every decision including this one, is best for you and your baby. Try not to worry as there are feeding groups that you can go along to and in your going home pack there should be an advice number to call with any questions you might have about feeding your baby.

It’s important to take every day as it comes with a newborn, every child is different and you will eventually start to establish a great feeding routine with your baby.


Skin to skin contact with your newborn
Skin to skin contact with your newborn

You are warned that you will kiss goodbye to 8 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep once you have a baby, so you are aware, but nothing can actually prepare you for the sleep deprivation.

Your little one will most likely wake for a feed every 2-3 hours and even when your baby is sleeping during that first week, you will probably find that you won’t get much sleep either as you will constantly be checking on them!

There is hope and just like with feeding you will of course establish a routine but it takes time and all babies are different. There are lots of support resources out there, from baby and parent groups in your local town to online support, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and reassurance.

The days might feel long but the first few weeks of your baby’s life will fly. So enjoy every precious moment while it lasts. You’ve got this mama!

Love and best wishes,


The Bamboo Baby Company xx



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