Inside the Head of a Dad: The 12 Week Pregnancy Scan

Husband and wife with 20 week pregnancy scan photo
20 week pregnancy scan

I am new to this. When I say ‘new to this’ I mean I have done it all before. I have just forgotten everything.

Allow me to explain. We are having a baby. Our second. My wife and I count ourselves extremely lucky to have a healthy, happy little boy. But he was born almost 2 years ago, which means that the first pregnancy started almost 3 years ago. 2+ years shouldn’t feel like a long time and in some ways it doesn’t, but in other ‘try to remember the details of how to care for a newborn’ ways, it feels like 20 years. Which ironically is how much I feel that I have aged since our little man was born.

20 week pregnancy scan image of baby in the womb
20 week pregnancy scan image

As I sit here I can see my wife sitting over there, tapping away on her computer. She is giving her view, her female opinion, a mother’s thoughts about the pregnancy, her thoughts and feelings, her hopes and fears…and this made me think…

First time Dad with a newborn baby in his arms
Dad with newborn baby

In the age of equality, it is good to have a balance of views and opinions; it would be refreshing to hear the dad’s voice, a father’s thoughts, a daddy’s highs and lows, excitement and worries through the journey of pregnancy and beyond.

I know that there are men out there doing just that, contributing to the conversation about pregnancy and childbirth, caring for our off-spring, raising a child and then releasing them into the wild world.

I will be the Ying to my wife’s Yang, the male voice to my wife’s female voice, to document my own little pregnancy journey, from the dad’s perspective.

Husband and wife during pregnancy
Husband and wife during pregnancy

Upon hearing that my wife was pregnant for a second time I was elated – we always wanted two children – but nervous. We will have two children under two and a half. That sounds tiring. We are not settled in a house. So logistics are a concern: we will need to move before the birth. Finances will be stretched further. Trying to grow a business with one child was tricky; two will be harder still.

Dad holding newborn babying his arms
Dad with newborn baby

These and many more issues raced, and continue to race, through my head but we know many couples who have struggled to get pregnant, had miscarriages, suffered pain and loss. We too have had a bumpy ride at times, many do.

So, as I sit and stare at the baby scans of this little person slowly growing inside my lovely wife my over-riding emotion is happiness. Life isn’t always easy but there are some moments that you just have to treasure. This is one of them.

Husband and wife looking happy during the third trimester of pregnancy
Husband and wife in 3rd trimester


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