Listening to Your Body: Coping with Food and Nausea in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

There are many guidelines about how to provide a balanced diet for you and your baby during pregnancy, so I won’t explore nutritional advice here, instead I share with you my experiences of coping with food and nausea in the first trimester and how it has taught me to listen to my body throughout my pregnancy.

Nausea in the First Trimester

They say that if you feel hungry then so does your baby. But how do you juggle hunger pains with nausea?

At a time when you appreciate more than ever, the importance of eating well, it can become quite stressful and upsetting to feel constantly nauseous and put off by food. The comforting part is that you are not alone. For the majority of women, nausea is the biggest downside of the first trimester of pregnancy, especially when it upsets our eating habits and leaves us feeling rather off balance.

Food and How it Affects Nausea

My pregnancy nausea kicked in at 6 weeks and thankfully only lasted until week 12. During this time, I found that keeping a certain amount of food in my stomach at all times was the best way for me to combat the nausea. Although it is believed that hormones are largely responsible for pregnancy related nausea and vomiting, having a low blood sugar level can exacerbate the symptoms.

Constantly Thinking about Food

Meal times dominated my thoughts in the first trimester of pregnancy. I was constantly hungry. No longer were 3 meals a day enough. I know they advise that you don’t need extra calories during the first trimester but I found I had to be eating something every 1-2 hours just to curb the hunger and associated nausea. So, my advice is to acknowledge a growling tummy and eat if you are hungry.

Midnight Munchies

The hunger didn’t stop just because I went to bed. I would often wake in the night hungry. I was rarely able to fall back to sleep until I had eaten. I also found that ignoring the hunger pains would leave me in a worse state of nausea in the morning. I would then struggle to get on top of that nausea for the rest of the day. So I embraced the late night munchies and listened to my body’s requests.

Aside from breaking my sleep, I actually rather enjoyed the midnight munchies in the kitchen. While the world around me was silently sleeping, I could reflect on the little miracle happening right inside of me at that very moment.

Tip: Having a decent snack just before bed often reduced the chances of me waking in the night hungry.

Working a Miracle

Throughout pregnancy your body is working many tiny miracles and it has a wonderful way of telling you what it needs to make all these miracles happen a little easier. I felt that the constant hunger in the first trimester was my body’s way of telling me to stock me up for the coming 9 months – a bit like filling your pantry before the winter sets in.

You need to have certain reserves in store to help you through all the physical and hormonal changes, as well as to help with the hit your immune system takes.

Pregnancy is hard work and your body wants to be running at full steam to deal with it.

Learn to Listen to Your Body

Everything you experience along the pregnancy journey, from morning sickness to labour, can be so incredibly different for all women, that recommendations and advise that help one person can have a very different result for another. Therefore, I have found that during pregnancy, much like when the baby arrives, we need to take some comfort in knowing that there are no ‘right answers’ or ‘one fits all’ solutions.

Instead, we need to remember, that we all go on our own unique journey and that our body is our guide.

If we learn to follow our instincts by listening to our bodies, we can relax in the knowledge that doing things our own way is the right thing to do for us and our baby.

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Love and best wishes,


The Bamboo Baby Company x

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