The Solid Organic Bamboo Cot Bed

Solid organic bamboo cot bed from birth up until age 5 years old. Chemical free, eco-friendly, sustainable.
Organic Bamboo Cot Bed. Chemical free, eco-friendly, sustainable.

Bamboo Cot Bed Requests

Since selling out of our limited edition solid organic bamboo cot bed, we have been overwhelmed by the messages of positivity about the cot bed and requests for when it will become available again.

So, I wanted to write this post to explain in more detail.

The Start of the Organic Bamboo Cot Bed

When James and I first started The Bamboo Baby Company at the end of November 2018, we did so with the launch of the bamboo cot bed, which was our signature chemical-free, eco-friendly nursery solution, to be used from birth, all the way up to 5 years old.

Solid organic bamboo toddler bed, from birth up to 5 years old. Chemical free, eco-friendly, sustainable.
Solid organic bamboo toddler bed. Chemical free, eco-friendly, sustainable.

Before the official company launch, the bamboo cot bed had been our labour of love behind the scenes for the previous 2 years. Never did we believe it would take so long to bring the product to market, but had we not been so ignorant of this fact, the bamboo cot bed may never have been created.

A Passion for Chemical-Free Products

Our passion and thirst to create chemical-free, sustainable and beautiful products for babies kept us going throughout the project and saw us overcome the hurdles involved in engineering the cot bed for manufacture, as well as achieving British safety standards of quality until finally we had the finished piece ready to go.

Limited Edition Cot Bed

We rolled out the cot bed as a limited edition piece from the very start because, in all honesty, for a small start up company it was a huge cash outlay to make the items and we just didn’t know how well, if at all, they would actually sell.

The Bamboo Baby Company exhibition stand at The Baby and Toddler Show, Manchester, Sept 2019
James and Phillippa at The Baby and Toddler Show, Manchester, Sept 2019

Customer Reviews

After an overwhelming response from customers at baby shows, as well as customers who contacted us online, we realised we had made something that was loved by many and had virtually zero competition in the market. Less than a year after launching we have now sold out of the cot beds, which is both elating and incredibly sad for James and I.

So many of you love the curves we created all around the cot bed. It was challenging to find a manufacturer who was able to achieve this look and is subsequently why a number of parts of the cot bed are hand made. Being handmade does add to the manufacturing costs, but, like you, we loved the look so much that we decided to stick with the design, and based on your response we are delighted that we did!

The Bamboo Baby Company customer review of the solid organic bamboo cot bed
Solid organic bamboo cot bed

The solid look and feel of the cot bed also scored highly with you. It was a conscious decision to make it feel like a substantial piece of furniture. We were fed up of feeling flimsy MDF pieces, that still cost a significant amount of money and were releasing harmful toxins into the surrounding nursery. From hearing your feedback, you were too and this offered an eco-friendly and baby-friendly alternative.

The extra large storage drawer is a big hit as it is so practical and useful. This was a design feature from the onset and one on which we were not prepared to compromise.

Receiving this feedback from you all has given us the confidence to keep striving to produce better, more sustainable and healthy products for our babies and toddlers. So we thank you all greatly for your continued support.

The Sticking Point

The reality is that right now we are unable to produce anymore as the manufacturing costs have increased vastly, making it almost impossible to sell to our customers at an acceptable price.

Achieving Our Goal

It is however, incredible to know that the bamboo cot bed is loved by so many and that we have achieved our goal of creating a solid organic cot bed from bamboo, without the use of MDF, paints and chemicals. We hope the cot bed remains in your families for generations to come as it certainly holds a very special place in the hearts of us here.

We will, of course, keep in close relations with our manufacturer and if it does become possible to bring back the solid organic bamboo cot bed, then you will be the first to know.

We wish you and your families many years of health and happiness,

Much love,

Phillippa xx

The Bamboo Baby Company

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