Size: 20 x 20cm


Luxuriously soft and durable double-sided bamboo velour baby cleansing wipes.  Reusable and washable multi-purpose wipes for use during nappy changes or general cleansing. A cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice for parents when compared with purchasing disposable wipes.

These luxurious bamboo wipes are so delicate on your baby's skin so they are perfect for use on their bottoms or faces!  They make for a lovely soft wipes for hands and mouths after mealtimes too and in their handy pocket size they can easily travel with you to be used at your convenience throughout the day.  


Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so using these super soft wipes on your baby's skin helps to keep germs at bay and keep your baby's skin feeling fresher and cleaner for longer.  These natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo also mean your wipes will harbour less germs so you can use them more efficiently.   

Unlike many disposable wipes, these cloth wipes are completely chemical free, with nothing added at all, making them the most natural choice for your baby.  

The high absorbency properties of bamboo makes these cloth wipes super efficient at absorbing liquid and keeping your baby's skin perfectly peachy.  


To use, simply keep dry or add water.  To be used at home or out and about - so versatile you will be using them for everything!

Simply wash with nappies.

Bamboo Cloth Wipes