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Lily Pebbles

@lilypebbles   //   https://www.lilypebbles.co.uk

"The next thing I was sent and I just thought it was really nice and wanted to mention it, because especially if any of you are buying gifts, this really stood out compared to the other blankets I have.  

My sister gave me some, I bought some, I’ve been sent some; this one is from a company called The Bamboo Baby Company, so all their products are made from bamboo. It’s a very small company.  

This one is pink and white stripes, it’s so pretty and it’s just so soft; it’s so different to other fabrics bamboo, it’s heavy, it’s weighty and I would just love to be wrapped up in this, so I’m sure a baby would too.  

It’s just really special actually."

Tabitha Willet

@tabitha.willet   //   https://www.tabithawillett.me


"The softest blankets in the world.  

Honestly our favourite blankets.  We use them every day. "