Why It Matters

Our mission at The Bamboo Baby Company

is to give every baby the opportunity to sleep soundly,

as nature intended.  

Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep...

Sleep is important to us all, especially our little babies, who spend the majority of the first 2 years of their lives asleep.  


Babies spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping; most of that time will be spent in their cot bed.


Even by the time they are 1 year old, babies still spend more than half their time asleep. 

Growth and


Sleep time for babies is essential to their growth and development.  At The Bamboo Baby Company we want to ensure that all their sleeping and growing is done in the best possible environment.  

By creating eco-friendly, organic bamboo baby products, we provide a stylish, sustainable and naturally protective choice for your baby.  


The Environmental Protection Agency recognises the increasing scientific evidence indicating that the levels of pollution inside our homes are far greater than outside, even in industrial cities. 


A surprising number of the toxins leading to this indoor pollution can be found in many of the every day items we have in our homes. 

Babies' respiratory systems are very delicate and their skin is much thinner than that of an adult; this makes babies much more susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. 

Less Indoor Chemicals

Babies spend long periods of time in their nursery, especially in their cot.  By using organic bamboo and 100% natural adhesives and varnish, The Bamboo Baby Company minimises the exposure to harmful chemicals in products which babies spend the majority of their time around.

By offering organic bamboo products we help to create cleaner indoor air, giving babies the best chance to grow and develop naturally as they sleep.

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